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About Us

Menora Builders

Menora Builders & Environmental Engineering Pvt. Ltd is a company committed to developing solutions that accommodate continuing growth through research, innovation and a firm commitment to deliver value-added services that protect people and industry finally improve the environment

We will work with you to make sure we meet or exceed your ambitions while remaining within your desired budget. We will work with you to understand your unique Ideas and to build a professional, focused, Environmental friendly andCost effective building for your dream.

Menora Builders is driven by highly talented professionals with years of expertise in various industries across UK, Kuwait, India, and other international markets. We strive for world class solutions which are practical, affordable and efficient. Every project at Menora goes through rigorous testing and Quality Assurance to meet the highest industry standard

We act as a single vendor to meet all your requirements when it comes to

Sustainable Project Management

We approach each project as a true collaboration in ideation, the process of creating new ideas. We offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure that the entire process is as smooth and enjoyable as possible

GFRG Construction Methodology

We use GFRG Panels (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) for constructing buildings all over India, which is an australian technology which consume less time, cost effectieve, convinient & good finished surface as compared to conventional constructions

Waste Management Solutions

Solid waste management nowadays is an important environmental issue in country like India. Our waste management solutions involves collecting, transporting, disposing, recycling and monitoring waste generated through human activities.