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5 Reasons to Choose A GFRG Builder in Thrissur

5 Reasons to Choose A GFRG Builder in Thrissur

24 June 2019

If you are in Thrissur and is looking for a low cost building option, then GFRG is definitely one of the best choices you can make but if you are not convinced about hiring GFRG builder, then here are a few reasons to choose a GFRG builder in Thrissur.

  • First of all, GFRG is a low cost construction option. In fact it can cost you a lot less than regular construction. GFRG panels are easy to construct with no plastering required, easy to paint on and even save you on steel and cement. So, if you have a limited budget, a GFRG builder in Thrissur should be one of the preferred options.
  • Secondly GFRG construction takes place very quickly because of the easiness with which construction can be done due to the readymade panels. They're very easy to setup. There is no plastering required which reduces the time of construction. Considering concrete and steel are also minimally used they take a lot less time compared to conventional buildings. So this allows GFRG builder to complete construction in very short period.
  • Thirdly GFRG offers real relief from the current high temperatures. High temperature is one of the major problems faced by people not just in Thrissur, but across Kerala; and GFRG panels are a great choice of material if you are concerned by high temperatures. They keep your indoors cooler by up to 4 degrees due to their insulation properties.
  • Fourth reason to choose a GFRG builder is that the Heat and water resistance capability of GFRG is very high so that, during fire accidents your building will not experience any significant damage. It will hold even if it's a huge fire accident until anyone inside the building is able to escape. As for water related issues, you will not have to worry about water seepage as the material is water resistant
  • Fifth and final reason is the environment friendly nature of GFRG panels. This is a major reason for you to hire GFRG builder in Thrissur if you are someone who loves nature. The carbon footprint created during preparation of construction materials are inadvertently affecting nature and is a contributing reason for heavy floods and soaring temperatures.

Given these reasons, it would be in your best interests to choose a competent GFRG builder in Thrissur.