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GFRG Builders Thrissur

GFRG builder in Thrissur.

26 May 2019

GFRG panels are undoubtedly a great choice for low cost building construction. But if you are in Thrissur, and decided to go for GFRG method of construction – your biggest question would be – Who are the best GFRG builders in Thrissur?

Well, here we have compiled a list of top 5 GFRG builders in Thrissur according to their experience, skill level and capability in handling different GFRG projects in the past.

  • Menora Builders : The first adopters of the GFRG technology in Kerala is still a strong force to reckon with. They have vast experience in building GFRG homes, boast a large number of skilled laborers and have access to good source material.
  • Thrissur Builders : Well experienced and renowned builders in Thrissur with a variety of service on offer. If you are on the lookout for a quality, reputed builder, they are a good fit. But their relative inexperience with GFRG might be a slight dampener.
  • Kairali Homes : started in 2010, Kairali Homes have grown in stature each passing year. They have expanded their service offerings with some low cost construction options as well. The GFRG popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by them as well.
  • Bounteous Builders & Developers : having started in 2006 as a smalltime builder, Bounteous Builders & developers have grown fast in the Builders arena. They provide fast construction with affordability using GFRG construction. They have now expanded to Karnataka and is also providing GFRG low cost construction service.
  • Quick Home : Quick Home is another GFRG builder in Thrissur focused on projects within Kerala. They consider GFRG to be one of the most technologically advanced and most eco-friendly materials. Apart from GFRG Building Full Construction, they also provide varied services from Building Plan Development, GFRG Building Consulting and Supervision, GFRG Building Structural Construction and GFRG Panel Erection.
  • So, these are a handful of GFRG builders you can hire in Thrissur. So, if you are looking to build an affordable GFRG construction, these could be some of the best and capable options you have.