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How to choose GFRG Builder in Trivandrum?

4 June 2019

Low budget homes that can be built in quick time are all the rage these days. Especially in Trivandrum where land prices are rocketing, low cost construction has many takers. GFRG is an ideal solution if you prefer to have a low-budget but eco-friendly construction style. But, how do you find a quality GFRG Builder in Trivandrum?

Here are 3 tips to choose capable GFRG Builder in Trivandrum :

  • Check their reputation : a natural and logical way of choosing not just a builder, but any service would be to check their reputation. So, do check the reputation that the set of builders you know or shortlisted. If they are established builders well-known for their work, you might be lucky and be able to get high quality construction for your home. There are also some small-time builders who work smart and ethically. The advantage of this type of builders might be even less cost than a reputed builder.
  • Talk to their clientele : despite being a reputed builder, you should try to talk to their clientele. It could be anyone from your friends or family circle or even you could directly as the builder to provide few references. The benefits are many – you get to know any fallacies that might be prevalent with the builder, understand different characteristics of the builder and their workers, learn of additional cost if any, and also know long-term support and durability.
  • Look at their workforce : Sometimes the builders themselves might not give a clear picture of what is in store for you. They might just get a set of skilled or unskilled worker to work for you. So, it is important that you check around for the workforce of any particular builder that might come to work for you. The mix of skilled and unskilled workers might vary greatly depending on the amount of work each builder takes up.
  • So, these are 3 valuable tips you need to follow religiously before finalizing on a GFRG Builder in Trivandrum. You should check out the builder’s previous work and see if their method of working works for you.