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Best GFRG Experts

5 Best GFRG experts in India .

15 May 2019

Low cost, affordable and eco-friendly homes with fast construction are the need of the hour for the growing population. That is the reason low cost construction techniques such as GFRG are gaining in popularity. If you are interested in building such a home, here are the 8 Best GFRG experts in India.

  • Menora Builders : The first adopters of the technology from down south is also one of the best GFRG experts in India. This is due to a variety of factors such as being an early adopter, having access to highly skilled workforce and of course, access to high quality GFRG panels. Apart from that, their expertise in all forms of construction ensures each building is a product of thoughtfulness and professionalism.
  • Cityrene : This Chennai-based startup was a direct response to the infamous Chennai floods that wreaked mass havoc in the southern city. This group of enterprising individuals found a place in this list not only due to their expertise in GFRG, but also because they understand the needs of the customer and accordingly, builds low cost solutions with out-of-the-box thinking. In fact their name – cityrene is a combination of City & Serene.
  • GFRG Experts India : Based in Thrissur, GFRG Experts India is a reasonable choice. They have a reasonably skilled workforce and deliver smart solutions through continuous learning and innovative ideas.
  • Rapid Homes : Rapid Homes is another GFRG expert in India and came to existence in 2015. In a span of close to 4 years, they have completed around 13 projects across South India. They cover all steps of construction from preconstruction planning to architectural modeling to construction management.
  • Bace India : A quality outfit with numerous certifications and approval for GFRG, Bace India is an expert in India building large scale constructions and mass housing. They are based in Coimbatore and have a good list of clientele.
  • So, here are 5 GFRG experts in India whom you can contact if you are planning to go for a low cost construction in India