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Affordable housing - what, why and how

Affordable housing - what, why and how?

5 August 2019

We can define affordable housing as housing units which is affordable by the section of society whose income is below average.

It is very important to consider before you build a house whether that is affordable to your financial status and your place is suitable for such a condition. In Kerala flood is a usual disaster which we need to take care properly before we build a house. We have to incorporate a number of techniques to make your home an affordable one

The first thing we need to take care is building plan which we workout initially for the house. It should meet the basic requirement and it have to be developed by an experienced engineer.

The next thing we have to consider is about the finance. If the cash is ready in hand It is well and good otherwise we can consider bank loan for the affordable home. Now a days in India the popular government scheme which is very helpful to the average class family is Pradhanmantri Aawas Yojana. If we select such loan interested can be reduced.

Then we can move on to the building techniques the most modern technique which can reduce construction cost by 40 percentage is gfrg, using gfrg walls can reduce the construction cost time buy 40 to 50 percentage. Menora builders is one of the top builder available in India they have completed almost 500 + projects with the most modern GFRG technique.