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Benefits of GFRG

8 Benefits of Hiring a GFRG Builder in Kerala [Low Cost Construction] – MenoraBuilders

18 march 2019

GFRG (Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum) technology is an Australian Technology that is trending all over the world as an eco-friendly and low cost construction method. Of late, it has become popular in our own state too. If you are looking to hire a GFRG Builder in Kerala, you get to enjoy lots of benefits.

Let’s check out 8 of them here.

  • Low cost construction : As has been mentioned in the title, GFRG is a low-cost solution. In fact, GFRG construction can cost you less than 30% of regular construction methods. For most people this is probably the best reason to hire a GFRG builder in Kerala.
    GFRG panels are ready to paint, and there is no plastering required. Moreover, you can save on steel, cement and sand at the rate of about 3 kilogram per square feet.
  • Fewer Construction Materials : We all know how difficult it is to get sand and bricks for construction these days. The GFRG technology requires minimum amount of these materials to complete construction, and plastering is not even required. These factors reduce the overall quantity of building material required for construction by a significant margin.
  • Faster Construction Period : Programs such as “housing for all” particularly benefit from this particular advantage of hiring a GFRG builder in Kerala. Because of the lesser number of materials required and the easier method of construction,GFRG buildings take a lot less construction time compared to conventional buildings. This allows GFRG builders in Kerala to finish their work in quick time.
  • Long Lasting Construction : Regular construction methods usually last for only up to 50 years.On the other hand, GFRG technology is almost 5 times stronger than regular construction methods; resulting in buildings that can last more than 80 years.
  • Relief from Soaring Temperatures : The past few years, Kerala has been experiencing really high temperatures and even sunburns resulting in few tragic events. A construction using GFRG technology can keep the interior temperatures much cooler than the conventionally constructed buildings.
    Due to the lower temperature, your air conditioner usage could also be less. This is equivalent to getting a discount on your electricity bill. Thus GFRG is truly a low cost construction method.
  • Environment friendly : Issues such as floods, rising temperatures are indirectly caused by building industry also due to their carbon footprint. GFRG being an environment friendly material requires less cement for construction. This reduces carbon footprint.
  • Heat Resistance : the high heat resistant capability of GFRG (up to 1000 degrees for 4 hours) means that during fire accidents, your building will hold on its own long enough for anyone in the building to escape.
  • Water Resistance : water leakage problems are one of the most common issues that constructions face. As GFRG repels water, you wouldn't have to face issues such as water seepage.
    Apart from the above mentioned, there are also benefits such as better earthquake resistance, larger carpet area, lower maintenance etc. Thus we can conclude that it is highly beneficial to hire a GFRG builder in Kerala if you want a low cost construction option.