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GFRG and low budget houses in kerala

GFRG and low budget houses in kerala

23 August 2019

A house with low budget in Kerala! Middle class family always dream about a home that is affordable with their budget. Advanced techniques in construction reduces the construction cost by 40 percentage. But when it come to Kerala building house with low budget is not easy. Considering the natural calamities and other factor building engineer always end up in mess.

After introducing gfrg this issue have been reduced upto a percent. There are number of advantages in using gfrg technique. 

Advantages of GFRG in low budget houses in kerala

GFRG is lightweight and powerful: Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, reinforced with highly resilient glass fibers, is a very powerful building material. GRG is also light, with only two to three pounds per square foot weighing in. This is a excellent mixture, enabling sturdy components to be installed without additional assistance.

GFRG is malevolent and flexible: unlike other popular construction products, fiber strengthened gypsum components are manufactured by casting them into molds. This enables almost any size, shape, or texture to be created. GRG is also flexible with regard to the finishes available. GFRG components can be painted with a plain latex, or a wood grain texture can be created.

GRG is made of non-toxic materials: it is essential for many home and company owners to find green building materials, and GRG is an environmentally sound option. Fiber-reinforced gypsum is produced of non-polluting natural products. In addition, GFRG does not emit powerful odors that could influence people with sensitivities to the environment.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is resistant to fire: Gypsum, one of GRG's primary components, is a non-burning mineral. GFRG components are also capable of defending regions behind them for about two hours, in addition to being fire-resistant.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum is a cost-effective option: GFRG components from a financial perspective are typically a excellent investment. They typically do not involve comprehensive maintenance and periodic repairs and, like some other construction materials, are not prone to molding, infestation of insects, rot, rust, or corrosion.