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GFRG Construction - A complete guide

GFRG Construction – A complete guide

23 Feb 2020

Glass fiber fortified gypsum (GFRG) board or Rapid divider is a cutting edge building component concocted by the GFRG Building System Australia for mass-scale development of houses in a limited ability to focus time. A GFRG board is essentially calcined gypsum mortar, fortified with glass filaments which when loaded up with strengthened cement in a fitting extent gets sufficiently able to go about as a heap bearing and shear divider.

GFRG boards can even oppose the parallel loads because of tremors and wind. The dividers, yet the rooftops, floors, sunshades and the limit dividers can be additionally made utilizing GFRG boards. Taking a gander at its prosperity and incalculable preferences, the innovation spread quickly and is being embraced vigorously all through the development business.

GFRG boards are initially white in shading (because of gypsum) and have a smooth completed surface. They can be whitewashed or painted without concrete putting the dividers, hence, giving some extent of imagination to the customer.

The run of the mill measurement of a GFRG building board is 12 x 3 x 0.127m which weighs around 1.6 tons. It is given 4 cavities inside 1 meter of the board.

Assembling and Transportation of GFRG Panels

  1. The assembling of GFRG boards is done in a self-loader plant utilizing the slurry got by warming the calcined crude gypsum.
  2. The Calcined crude gypsum(plaster) is blended in with water, white concrete and certain synthetic substances like D50(retarder) and BS94(water repellant) in a blender.
  3. Various layers of slurries are then spread over a table and are blended with glass strands and aluminum plugs (for making empty depressions).
  4. After 30 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity, the aluminum plugs are expelled and the boards are sent to a dryer.

GFRG boards can be effortlessly shipped from industrial facility to site through trucks or trailers. It must be guaranteed that the boards are placed in a vertical position (utilizing stillages) to maintain a strategic distance from any harm during transportation.

Uses of GFRG Panels

  1. As a light-weight bearing divider
  2. As high-limit vertical and shear load bearing divider
  3. As parcel divider
  4. As rooftop chunks/level floor
  5. As compound divider/Security divider
  6. As pitched material
  7. As cladding in mechanical structures