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Use GFRG technique to pay your home loan!

Use GFRG technique to pay your home loan!

23 Nov 2019

You may be wondering what the connection between GFRG and home loan is. Yes there is, let’s take an example. Ajay and Ameer constructing there dream with a budget of 50 lakh. Ajay did proper research and find using GFRG can reduce the construction cost by 40% whereas Ameer plan to go with the traditional construction technique. Both took housing loan from same bank with interest 9%.

Ajay completed the construction in 4 months with total cost of 30 lakhs on using GFRG. But Ameer was able to finish the construction in 12 months only and he finished the construction on a total amount of 55 lakh. Labor cost, material cost, etc.… goes high in last 6 months. That’s why he ended up with 55 lakhs.

As per Ajay’s initial plan the total loan amount was 50 lakh but she took only 30 lakh for the construction and the 20 lakhs he added to investment plans where the return is more than 14%. Logic is simple he pays the EMI with the return from his investments.

Now build your dream home in low cost and invest more!
Let’s see why GFRG homes are more reliable than ordinary construction.


GFRG houses are

  • Fire resistant upto 1000°C
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Naturally cooler upto 4°C
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Water resistant
  • Economical


Why is GFRG superior to conventional construction?

Gypsum, a waste product from the fertilizer industry, is used to make the panels cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Glass fiber is used as a reinforcement agent to enhance panel strength. Ultimately, cement use is reduced.

A single cement sector accounts for an increase in CO2 emissions of 5 percent. Such hollow cavities inside the panels are filled with concrete and metal. Concrete is poured into each third cavity of the panel and other cavities can be filled with waste materials such as quarry dust, making it more cost-effective than conventional methods of construction.