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Low budget houses in Kerala

Low budget houses in Kerala

25 July 2019

It is always a debatable topic whether low budget homes are suitable in Kerala or not. Recent studies found that people in Kerala are not at all ready to invest a big amount in house. Even the rich people or those who look for loans to build their home are not investing a big amount on house.

There are several proved techniques that can be incorporated to reduce the construction cost in Kerala without adjusting to the quality. The best and more popular among those technique is GFRG construction. Glass fibre reinforced gypsum (GFRG) panel can reduce the construction cost by around forty percent. 

How can we implement gfrg to construction?
The basic the basic structure can be built in the normal way and soon we complete the structure we can implement gfrg walls, European countries even build the structure using gfrg walls but in Kerala considering the climate it is not advisable to built the entire structure in gfrg so that's the reason complete the structure in normal construction and the walls can be built by gfrg sheets.

In this way we can reduce the construction cost by around 40 percentages. GFRG wall will cost around 30 % of the normal wall. The important thing to consider while choosing the gfrg it should be from a reputed builder, Menora builders is one of the reputed gfrg builders in India. We deliver projects with our low cost construction technique if you are planning for the dream home let us know we can build that with the best rate.