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Low cost building materials for a low budget home in Kerala

Low cost building materials for a low budget home in Kerala

24 Jan 2020

Building a house – no matter what size – is extremely expensive, not only because of the prices of real estate, but also because of the cost of building materials. But, by becoming innovative with the types of materials you use, it is possible to choose inexpensive building materials which will help lower your new home's cost.

1. Prefabricated panels

One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways of building a house is by using prefabricated panels like GFRG. Most of these panels come as part of a system that helps you to create much less of a custom home. Although one of the cheap homes to build is an entirely prefabricated dwelling, the panels give much more versatility in construction as well as in materials.

2. Concrete sheets

For the exterior of residential homes Concrete has become very common and concrete sheets–or panels–are a convenient way to achieve less concrete look. Beton panels are a stylish choice among cheap building materials, making it much easier to have a concrete exterior. Concrete sheets are easier to build, and super-safe and secure.

3. Stone cladding

Stone homes are beautiful but certainly not among the cheap houses to be built. One way to get the look cheaper is by using stone cladding. Cladding is like a veneer which is added to the home's exterior. It is usually lighter than a normal exterior stone and therefore costs much less because of the savings on both labor and materials.

4. Used shipping containers

The tiny home phenomenon has led to an increase in interest in shipping containers as one of the cheap houses to be constructed. Use shipping containers as a cheap building material, of course, does not mean you need a tiny house. Such units can be combined to form a larger structure for a more spacious home.

5. Industrial steel and iron

The popularity of the industrial style also makes equally popular low-cost building materials such as industrial steel and iron. Steel Sustainability notes that cold-formed steel is perfect for residential construction, as it doesn't rust, warp, break, crack or crawl. It is long lasting and fully recyclable. Steel construction is more durable, and can be cost-effective.

6. Traditional brick

Brick houses are extremely popular because they seem to last a long time. So long as you're not in an area prone to earthquake, brick might be one of the cheap homes to build. It is fireproof, weather resistant and provides a very quiet home interior. Although costing more than some other home choices, such as vinyl siding, it is more sturdy and more robust.

7. Waste materials

Cheap building materials can be contained in waste disposed of by society. To produce materials that can be used to build new homes, innovative architects use everything from cigarette butts to plastic bottles and rubbles from previous houses. Many new homes are also being constructed using recycled materials from other houses, such as doors and windows which can be used to build walls.