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Low Cost Construction Methods

6 Amazing Low Cost Construction Methods in Kerala.

29 April 2019

Knowledge of Low cost construction methods can help you save money for you even on big-budget constructions. Here are few Low cost construction methods that can be used in Kerala. While their biggest advantage is playing a part in low budget homes, they also have other advantages on their own.

  • Hollow-concrete blocks : Already in use widely, hollow concrete bricks have multiple benefits. They are cheaper, lighter, needs less mortar and provide insulation.
  • GFRG panels : These ready-made panels are ideal for anyone who wants to construct Low budget homes in Kerala. These are easy to install and maintain. The construction also takes place in quick time compared to traditional construction. Gfrg experts in India are also an increasing bunch of people. So, it wouldn’t be very difficult to find a good Gfrg Builder.
  • Filler slab : This method of construction utilizes hollow concrete slabs instead of normal ones. The advantage of this low cost construction is that it requires less concrete which results in reduced weight for the concrete slabs. The gap also results in providing better insulation from heat.
  • Fly-Ash Bricks : Instead of normal bricks, fly-ash bricks can be used for regular construction. These are lighter, cheaper and also highly heat-resistant. It has other features such as the ability to hold higher weight, higher absorption rate leading to less dampness, needs less mortar than normal bricks, and you can save even on plastering.
  • Pre-Engineered/Factory Made : The structure of a building is created at the factory, conveniently transported and is assembled at the construction site. It speeds up the construction process significantly. Usually these skeletons are done using metal.
  • Pre-cast concrete : Similar to pre-engineered construction, here concrete walls are made prior to actual building construction. These are then transported to the construction site and placed where it is required to be placed. As the concrete is prepared in a much better controlled environment, it has better quality and longevity.
  • Final Thoughts : These are but just a few alternate methods to the regular construction method. There could be more methods to build low cost construction. All of these help you in controlling your construction cost. But you will have to choose the best method for the kind of building you plan to construct.