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Maradu flat demolition - Avoided by GFRG technique?

Maradu flat demolition - Avoided by GFRG technique?

22 Dec 2019

You might be wondering what is the relation between Maradu flat demolishing and GFRG
Yes it could have been avoided if they had used GFRG for the construction

How ?

No high length piling

The first reason is nothing other than piling. GFRG technique don't need high length piling. Panels is one of the successful technique that resist the impact of earthquakes as there panels can be turned into shear walls as well.

Fire Resistant

GFRG panels release their own weight of 15-20 percent moisture in case of fire, which decreases the surface temperature and fire damage to a large extent.

Economical & less weight

GFRG reduces cement consumption by nearly 50%, steel by 35% and sand by an amazing 76%.

Cooler than a Conventional building

GFRG panels can keep the building cooler by up to 4 degrees as compared to conventional building materials.

Strength and Durability

Five times that of conventional construction materials, the strength and durability of GFRG panels. Gypsum is also known for its strength and provides excellent stability and durability in the dimensions.

Event in future it is good to adapt GFRG technique so that we can reduce the chance of illegal construction and go with eco-friendly construction.