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Tips to create a low budget home

Tips to create a low budget home in Kerala.

29 April 2019

If you are looking for some valuable tips to build a low cost construction, here are some quick and useful tips.

  • Plan carefully and comprehensively : Take a book out of project managers and create a well thought out plan for the construction of your home. Consider all the variables that can go into the plan. Some research by talking to friends and family with construction experience wouldn’t hurt either. You can learn from their experience and use it for your low cost construction plan.
  • Think before you buy the plot : The location of your plot can affect the budget as well. Depending on the city where you want to buy a plot, the cost of materials and labour can vary. So, do check the plot properly, and ensure easy availability of affordable materials and labour.
  • Pick an experienced contractor with reputation : Contractors with experience and reputation would be able to help you with workarounds and intelligent inputs. They would probably know of low cost construction methods you might not be familiar with. It could help you save some valuable money.
  • Choose a low cost construction style : Nowadays low cost construction such as GFRG panels are gaining popularity around the globe. So, after studying enough about them, you can probably choose one of the styles you are convinced of. This can significantly lower your construction budget.
  • Hand-pick reliable suppliers for buying materials : Building materials can widely vary in quality. So you should ensure construction materials and accessories are provided by reliable suppliers. Go and check with different suppliers before zeroing in on one of the suppliers.
  • Build rooms which are necessary : When building a home, you might have a tendency to build unwanted rooms which increase expense but doesn’t add to functionality.
  • Be wise with wood work : Thoughtful use of wood in construction can save you lots of money. Choose low cost but durable wood for windows and doors. Wood is not only expensive to buy, but also to maintain. So you will be doing a favour to yourself.
  • Decide on pavement tiles : Pavement tiles are all the rage these days. But, they don’t have any use. In fact, they are detrimental to nature. Water which is otherwise supposed to go into ground is prevented from doing so, thus lowering ground water level, and increasing heat. You can avoid this and save some money if you restrict the use of pavement tiles.
  • Build minimalistic kitchen and bathroom : Kitchen and bathroom should be built for their respective purposes and doesn’t require exquisite designing. Buying expensive branded taps, showers, etc will not give you any significant additional benefits functionally.

Some other tips to create Low budget homes include -

  • Choose LED lights
  • Look for sturdy, reusable parts from old sites
  • Choose lighter colours
  • Monitor Constantly

Final Words
It is possible to build low budget but good looking homes with clear planning and good research. But the important pre-requisite here is for you to take the time to do these. Remember, knowledge is power.