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4 Top Materials to Build Affordable Homes

4 Top Materials to Build Affordable Homes

15 June 2019

Construction costs are very high these days. Because of this affordable homes are increasingly in demand. The below listed low cost construction materials are some options you can look at for building affordable homes.

  • GFRG panels – these panels which are 12 metres in length and 6 metres in width are relatively a low cost affair. Mainly because (i) you are not required to use concrete or plastering and (ii) can be placed in very short time. These approximately cost INR 1000 per square feet. There are a number of GFRG experts in Kerala these days with GFRG panels being available in all major locations like Cochin, Trivandrum, Calicut, Kozhikode, Thrissur and Kottayam.
  • Porotherm Bricks – These are very lightweight compared to normal bricks and this helps in 2 ways – construction gets carried out in a fast manner and there would be less dead load. These have strong thermal insulation which helps to keep indoor temperature warmer during cold seasons and cool during summer seasons.

As these construction materials are hollow in nature, it is easier to fit pipes and other fixtures. The best part is that the maintenance cost is next to non-existent with porotherm bricks.

  • Mud/Soil Interlocking Bricks – Primarily there are 2 types of interlocking bricks – one made from soil/mud and the other one from concrete. Mud interlocking bricks are preferred due to them being environment friendly and due to their ability to keep indoors very cool. These are cost effective, durable and reliable, requiring minimum maintenance.
  • Mud – You would’ve heard about Laurie Baker and his famous mud house constructions. Though not generally considered a first choice building material, mud is certainly a very good option. The best benefits are the cost and environment-friendliness. It costs almost one-fifth the cost of a traditional building or even lesser. The technology is sufficiently advanced to build durable constructions.